Practising Happiness

I decided that practise was the key word for this week and mixed it up with a little happiness.

I’ve realised that I am almost an Americanised individual. Not, intentionally, it is just in the more we do and don’t think about why? The more I write and act like that which I observe. I must see a lot of Americans, I certainly did as a child, growing up! TV was full of them.

I read the word practice and realised yet again, I had written it wrong, or had I written it right for a global audience? Practise in America means the same as Practice in the UK and Practise in the UK, means to repeat something. So, what happens when we use words in the world that have several different meanings. I guess we just have to decide for ourselves the context of the conversation.

A 4D moment evolves: it is in the deciding for yourself between the silent lines, and you may not always get it right, you may get it wrong, hopefully without hurting anybody else or yourself along the way.

For me, practice/practise is such a frustrating word to use, because I am thinking quite hard about the topic right now. It doesn’t generate a happy feeling. A lot of people at times like this would just carry on,  suppress the worry or a care, for which it is.

It is what it is. It just is – a word.

It is in the actions and the context of how the word is used that makes the difference.

Now, I intend to go back to the Practice of Creative Writing and practise like crazy, because it is in the process of repeat, repeat, repeat that may sound archaic, but we certainly can learn.

It is all in the habit, and the practice that works for me, as for the spelling, well my identity is global, so I will just accept, I get it wrong sometimes. From a professional point of view I may need to buy in an editor to correct me, only to suit the audience.

I’ve been translating a book lately, it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. I stumbled over a page which shared the posture of a ‘rectilinear kitten’, what an absolutely wonderful word – rectilinear – the sound of it made me happy. So I wrote a little piece which I may use one day. . . when I know what rectilinear means.

I hope you like it:

“Happiness is so important! That’s what I hear everywhere.” She said.

“I’m yet to find it, it doesn’t exist in me. I’m ensnared as a netted hobbit.”

I had to interrupt, she was droning on again. If she chose to listen to her own voice she would realise that happiness was all around.

“It’s everywhere and all around you, can’t you see it?”

She glared at me. She was wounded. I had interrupted her soliloquy and she wasn’t impressed. I truly want to say she wasn’t happy, but using these words won’t help the situation. Stretching out, she morphed into a rectilinear kitten.

“Is this what happiness looks like to you?” she hissed.

“Sorry! But right now, you look cute.”


cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngPublished November 2017

Thank you for reading, and thank you Marie for the inspiration.

Kitten-Playing-With-Butterflies-Silhouette GDJ Source Pixabay Love_Clipart

Featured free image copied from who own the rights to the image. Thank you. The cat image within the blog was taken from also linked to and GDJ. November 2017.

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