A Personal Note



I am always learning! And if I was as capable in publishing stories as well as I am in talking myself out of an opportunity, I would become a bestselling Author.

I’ve always wanted to write, and when I became a parent, I made some time to go back to school and get a couple of degrees in this English Literature with Creative Writing subject. I hadn’t realised, I had been suppressing a passion for historical literature and a burnt out candle was reignited thanks to: Spenser, Shakespeare, Duranti, Darrieussecq, Rossetti, Meyer and Fry and more. They all became my guides within a world of words.

I had hoped to use my own experiential messages written within stories to help the cause.

However, I had no idea what cause within English Literature I was truly helping.

Many of us (girls) jump up and down asking to be equal to men. However, I didn’t want to be equal, in body, nor mind. I enjoyed being the one carrying the baby. The female body is a miraculous creation, quite beautiful. Men, they have their own handsome purposes. It’s through the differences in life creations that miracles begin. If I might use Feng Shui guidance as an example: I see men as the yin and the women as the yang, or maybe it’s the other way around? Whichever suits! We all have one another’s traits, and can mutually adapt to suit, with the exception being – child birth.

I wanted to find balance of course. No more should the female have to be drawn to writing literary romances, no more should the female be destined to write about her domestic endeavours, the psychological monologues and/or the fairy tale poetry. But, it is quite tough to break the mould of a conditioned world.


It’s taken me a number of years to learn, but I’m able to laugh at myself today, and that’s healthy. I’ve often considered drawing a line with my writing and leaving the sharing of words to the Professionals. But what makes a Professional?

As you will see from this website.  I don’t believe in giving up on something I enjoy, especially when it offers a little light into my life and can have quite a cathartic purpose.

I have become quite the Philosopher, and I go by the name of Vérdâlibré for self-publishing, gaming and when I step up on my soap box.  I realise that I still write about the mundane and the female perspective, because a Writer tends to write about what they know and love. I love being female. I love being a parent. I love being Creative with my writing and using I-Ching as a method of practise to curate Poetry, Fairy Tales and Fantasy Chapters and the list goes on. I like to rise to challenges that I set myself or others entice me into. How about you?



J. Spencer. 2018 . A (f)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing


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“You are quite the processer! ”

A. A. E.

September 2018


“Intelligent, conscientious, motivated and entirely personable.”

D.W. January 2018


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